• 2019 Aston Martin Vantage roadcourse lap time test

      When Aston Martin announced they would utilize the Mercedes-AMG M177 V8 architecture for their next generation Vantage most enthusiasts rejoiced. The AMG engine design is excellent and well proven in sports car applications namely in the AMG GT range.

      Unfortunately, the Vantage is not the performer the AMG GT is. It's fatter and softer. In a way, that better fits the Aston Martin market. The Vantage simply is not the sports car the AMG GT is.

      The automatic ZF 8-speed transmission is a great modern automatic but the dual clutch transmission of the AMG GT is sharper and faster.

      How do you explain a difference of almost three full seconds between the C190 AMG GT S and the Aston Martin Vantage on the same course?

      That is an eternity.

      The Vantage is no slouch topping the 718 Cayman S, M2 Competition, and Jaguar F-Type SVR but the BMW M4 CS (on R-compound tires to be fair) and AMG GT S show much better times.

      If you want an M177 paired to an easier to drive car that leans more toward GT than sports car, the Vantage is the choice over the AMG GT. If you put a premium on performance, the AMG GT range is the better choice.

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