• Velocity AP 2019 Aston Martin Vantage M177 4.0 ECU tune and secondary cat delete results

      The new Aston Martin Vantage is an exciting platform because of their use of the AMG M177 4.0 liter twin turbo V8. Aston Martin owners essentially are benefitting from AMG aftermarket development and they get to pair that aftermarket power to a stout ZF 8-speed automatic.

      Velocity AP is known for their Aston Martin tuning so of course they are tackling the new platform. They are developing an exhaust, downpipes, and engine software.

      Let's take a look at their ECU tune first:

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      This is a lovely platform to work with. Shares a lot in common with the AMG GTS (but different turbos to the E63S) so we are able to tip that boost in much earlier and create a 700ft/lbs wall of torque. Our initial focus was on creating a solid, safe tune that will stand up to all sorts of abuse and maintain OEM driveability. 580BHP & 700 ft/lbs. We can either bench flash or OBDII tune ECUs at our location in Canada, or Bench and OBDII at select VelocityAP dealers who have the correct equipment (like LG Motorsports in Dallas.)

      The torque figure is utterly incredible. They are topping 600 lb-ft at the wheels on the Mustang dyn. Peak horsepower increases by 64 lb-ft at the wheels but the real story is the torque increase up to 5500 rpm or so where the gains level off. This definitely is tuned for torque down low.

      Their secondary cat delete pipes are a bolt in $795 part. As these are downstream removing them does not trigger a CEL:

      Nice bolt on results so far but what about the downpipes? Also, what about the full exhaust? How about some before/after acceleration times as well?

      A good start but there is still quite a bit of meat lacking here.

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