• F1 2018 - Mercedes-AMG back in control after the French GP

      The French Grand Prix was interesting mostly due to the carnage from the first lap. Mercedes-AMG qualified 1-2 with Hamilton in front but Bottas was clipped going into an early turn by Sebastian Vettel which essentially relegated both Bottas and Vettel to the back of the pack.

      Qualifying 2nd for Bottas suddenly turned into 18th and Vettel was admonished with a 5-second penalty which hardly seems like much considering the impact it had on Bottas' day as well as that of the Mercedes-AMG team.

      Still, Hamilton was in control of the race and maintained that control for a first place finish. Max Verstappen was not able to catch him and finished second with Kimi Raikkonen behind him.

      The most interesting racing was watching Vettel and Bottas try to make up position and Vettel impressively carved up the field. He made it all the way up to 5th place and challenged for 4th.

      Hamilton now has the driver's points lead and Mercedes-AMG the constructor's lead. The Austrian Grand Prix is this Sunday.

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        and so much for that one.....
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        Yeah that did not go well for AMG.